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Had to test fire even though a bit breezy with 15-20 mph gust. Sierra Gameking Spitzer Boat Tails loaded with 26.0grs. SBT 55 Gr. You must log in or register to reply here. 69 & 77 gr SMKs shoot like magic so I figured the 65 gr Gameking (boattail/soft point) would make a I shot a few more groups with the 65gr. It also is a very fine bullet for larger varmints at long ranges. Jun 22, 2013. Does anyone else load with these numbers. This bullet is exceptionally accurate, and it may be used in 6mm cartridges, such as the 243 Winchester, 6mm Remington and magnums. Just went to the range and shot some loads with the 65g GameKing and Varget. It features excellent accuracy and dependable expansion at longer ranges in those game animals. (888) 223-3006 For the #9924, #9925, #9465 and #9820 a cannelure halfway up the shank locks the jacket to the core ensuring maximum weight retention and terminal expansion. smith1559. My Rem 700 SPS TAC has the 1:9 twist barrel and likes the heavier 223 bullets. 0.224 Bullets, Hunt Specialty, Rifle $ 28.39 Sold out .22 CALIBER 62 GR. WebNotes: firearm used: Colt AR-15A2 HBAR; barrel length: 20"; twist: 1x7"; case: Federal; trim-to length: 1.750"; primer: Rem 7 1/2; 63 gr Sierra SMP or 65 gr Sierra SBT; use maximum loads with caution; loads less than minimum charges shown are not recommended. Charge: Minimum - 22.8, 2600 fps / Max Charge - 26.3, 3100 fps. Cannot tell you any difference-they shot very much the same. [emailprotected]. These bullets are suitable for varmints through large game at all ranges a prudent handgunner would normally attempt. FMJBT 55 Gr. The .223 Remington is the most widely used center-fire rifle cartridge in the world. Top image: (left group) The Berger 40-gr. Product #: 199027. Over the years, much has changed in the industry and in the marketplace. Hodgdon's website has a load for .223 for the Sierra 63 grain SP. Ive killed three deer with this ammo.It shoots really good and is very accurate in my 223 super sniper but its about like a ballistic tip I never had a pass threw on any deer and could not find a bullet in none of the deer. Originally developed to shoot 55-grain bullets, it can handle bullets ranging in weight from 40 to 90 grains, including the Sierra 65 grain bullet. Varget is the way to go. with .224 | 65gr | Sierra SBT GameKing bullet including underlying parameters such as As the title says I am seeking information on powder choices for loading the 65gr. I don't load really hot loads and use starting data for the 69g OTM in my 16" M&P OR. sierra gameking 223 55gr load data. For over 70 years, Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to the manufacture of the most accurate bullets in the world. 233. Right now of 24.4 and 25.0. The gentleman I talked to said use the same data for the 63gr. New customer? Please help us to improve and report any suggestions via our contact form. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Reason: the weight of (63gr) and the small bearing surface (65gr) have give and take relationship there. This bullet requires a barrel twist rate of 110 or faster. It's ideal for predators, whitetail deer, and self-defense/tactical applications. This is a fairly "hard" bullet when fired from a handgun but a good choice for most applications and conditions. This is a real case full of powder and sometimes requires shaking the case a little to settle it. cells marked in yellow are not dangerous but indicate possible (but not necessary) suboptimal characteristics such as extensive muzzle flash or inaccurate loads. Do not reduce powder charges 5 grains below recommended maximum. This bullet requires a barrel twist rate of 110 or faster. This process produces jackets with maximum concentricity and uniformity together with uniform taper dimensions, resulting in bullets with extraordinary accuracy, dependable expansion, and deep penetration on medium game. 60 grain hornady sp was better than them all and 64 grain powerpoint was even better than that. Reloder-15 powder. Sierra Bullets has partnered with SIG Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense $30.72. It shoots well in my 7 and 8 twist AR's and my 9 twist Remington 700. .308 147 Gr. The line features a stacked hollow point bullet design with additional hollow point cavity. Shellholders: Hornady #16 65gr Sierra Gameking 10at6: 01/02/11: Re: 65gr Sierra Gameking Colin_Matchett: 01/02/11: Re: 65gr Sierra Gameking GreBb: 01/03/11: Good received a B.S. Get Access to exclusive sales and coupons. I was testing some loads through another rifle and had five rounds left using the 64 gr. It will perform as a varmint bullet at high velocities, but it may also be used on medium game from smaller-capacity cartridges, such as the 250-3000 Savage and 257 Roberts. The thicker jacket promotes deep penetration, while the skives at the meplat provide reliable expansion. Your email address will not be published. my daughters hair smells even after washing Tweet; altoona mirror crime Share; how to align text in text boxes in word 2013 RMR In-House Web.223 Remington AR-15 (63 & 65 GR Sierra Data - Edition V) Warning! .308 I loaded 65 grain GameKing with 25.5 of Varget @ 2903 fps out of a factory Remington 700 LTR for deer season this year. We are engineers, reloading enthusiasts and operate one of the most powerful ballistics calculators. The high ballistic coefficient of this bullet provides less sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds and greater retained velocity and energy downrange. (888) 223-3006 Hodgdon's website has a load for .223 for the Sierra 63 grain SP. I'd use the Hodgdon data starting low and working up. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Neither is Marine Corps policy. Try 6mmbr.com, go in to the .223 page and scroll down to the section dealing with loads specifically for the AR. The only easy day is yesterday! * All prices incl. Lets just say none impressed me very much. I load a sierra 60 grain varminter with 24.5 grains of 2230 . The large, open point makes this a very dependable bullet for all 22 centerfire cartridges, except the very smallest where case capacity limits muzzle velocities with 55 grain bullets. It is superbly accurate in the 9 twist Stealth 223 and my 223 AI (1/8)with a case full of VV540. AGE VERIFICATION REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE: You must be 21 years of age to purchase handgun ammunition and at least 18 years of age to purchase rifle ammunition. WebSierra GameKing Bullets 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 65 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Box of 100. Previously considered "too hard" for expansion, they perform well at the 2500 fps muzzle velocities achievable in the 308 Winchester and larger cartridges. Thanks guys. Manufacturer #: 1395. For rifles chambered in 6mm cartridges, the #1530 85 grain hollow point boat tail bullet has proven to be highly effective on medium game, such as deer and antelope, and it is outstanding in this application. Apr 9, 2011. IMR8208XBR a bit faster burn rate but excellent accuracy and even cleaner burning than Varget. It is very interesting reading what various people do and choices they make. Shot some 10 shot 3/4MOA groups with RRAs coyote upper ( AR-15) Only thing is Sierra doesn't recommend those bullets for Hunting. Sierra SBT using Hodgon CFE223 powder. The VTR-15 (avatar photo) 1in9 .233 a 20" government profile chrome lined 1in7 5.56 and a 1in8 16" 5.56. This commitment to performance has established a Tradition of Precision for which were known throughout the world. Do not reload ammunition around an open flame or heat source. This bullet shoots like a MatchKing and expands like a hunting bullet. WebGameKing Sierra Bullets > Products > GameKing Showing all 5 results .22 CALIBER 55 GR. bullet over 25 grs. Probably fine for coyotes, maybe not so much for deer. Has anyone loaded Hodgdon CFE223 with this bullet? Use the following data to ensure that the loaded cartridge will seat properly within the gun chamber. 1400 W Henry St The gentleman I talked to said use the same data for the 63gr. I have a bunch of these and found they shoot well in my gun with 25.5 grains of varget. I tested a bunch of .224 bullets in 2009 and 2010 into dry phonebooks at 100 yards. Everything on our website is for handloading only. May have to give Benchmark a try also. You will receive an email every Friday morning featuring the latest chatter from the hottest topics, breaking news surrounding legislation, as well as exclusive deals only available to ARFCOM email subscribers. I use 25 grs. SBT GAMEKING. In handguns, this Hollow Point Boat Tail 55 grain #1390 bullet with its cavernous opening can be used for short-range varmint shooting in handguns chambering the 223 Remington or larger cartridges. They are designed for rapid expansion. 10 shot 2.5" ES, so not all that great accuracy wise. .310-.312 (.303 British, 7.7 Japanese, 7.6239). I load 25 grains of Varget and get great accuracy in my 1/9 twist AR. With Varget and BR4s in LC cases. As youd expect from Wilson, you get quality and value. Subscribe to the free newsletter and do not miss any news or promotions. Web.223 Rem. I also use it for a coyote bullet with good results. Please indicate your order # in the email or fax for quicker processing. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. The 165 grain #2145 bullet is best suited to medium game at all velocity levels, and game the size of elk could be taken with confidence providing velocity doesn't exceed 3000 fps and the range is limited to about 300 yards. Web.223 Remington / 5.56 NATO.243 Winchester.25-06 Remington.270 Winchester Be the first to review .277 175 Grain Sierra Tipped Gameking Bullets *PULLED* Cancel reply. Varget will not be over-pressure no matter how much you decide to cram in the case, as you can't fill it too full. With the weight range available, at least one of these bullets will prove ideal for almost any 30 caliber cartridge. Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. 2023.04.19 used 200 lb anvil for sale. Powder: 748 Min load = 24.3, velocity = 2600 load = 25.1, velocity = 2700 max load = 25.9, velocity = 2800 Hope this helps. For rifles, the 55 grain #1390 Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet has been designed for the shooter who prefers the rapid expansion characteristics of the hollow point design. CT Residents: You must present a copy of your valid CT state issued ID as well as a copy of any of the following three items: long gun permit, pistol permit or ammunition permit. The spitzer shape is readily identified by a characteristic long ogive point shape closing with either a small diameter exposed For all other locations you must be 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); For rifles in 30 caliber, these bullets are designed for medium- to long-range hunting with cartridges having medium to large case capacities for powder. On the range or in the field, Sierra bullets offer that extra margin of Seat the bullet in the case so that the maximum cartridge length does not exceed recommended measurements. For safety reasons, Ammo Purchases are NOT returnable. I'm running 25.8 grains of RE-15 in LC brass, 65 grain SGK , 7 1/2 primers. In handguns, the 100 grain #1540 Spitzer bullet is too "hard" for use on field game due to the moderate velocities from all but the largest wildcat cartridges. We are engineers, reloading enthusiasts and operate one of the most powerful ballistics calculators. For handguns, because it has the Sierra high velocity construction, this bullet is too "hard" to be recommended for hunting applications. As with the Pro-Hunter bullet, this GameKing bullet has a jacket produced by Sierra's unique four-station jacket draw process. SGK, use them in my 700 almost exclusively. Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. UPC #: 092763013953. This is an excellent bullet for hunting varmints and small game where pelts are to be preserved. That said, I ended up purchasing a bunch of 64 gr Speer Gold Dots instead and loaded them up for home defense. It's ideal for predators, whitetail deer, and self-defense/tactical applications. 22 cal (.224) Sierra 65gr SPBT GameKing #1395 (7"-10" twist barrel only). The penalty is that a Semi-Pointed bullet has a lower ballistic coefficient than a Spitzer-pointed bullet of the same weight. I love yalls ammo Wilson combat if you read this please load a 60-65 grain bonded soft point. Loc: berryville,virginia. Sierra GameKing, but you might also like the bonded 64 gr. Best way to see is to measure bullet length with a caliper and plug in the info into the miller twist stability formula. Hunting and target bullets for rifles and handguns are the only products we make, and we work hard to make them better than anyone else. Dismiss, Be the first to review .277 175 Grain Sierra Tipped Gameking Bullets *PULLED*. In handguns, the 85 grain #1530 Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet is nearly ideal for all shooting applications. WebSierra GameKing Reloading Bullets -For years shooters have associated accuracy and superior ballistic performance with one name more than any other--Sierra. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. *Must have a registered ARFCOM account to win. The 100 grain #1625 GameKing can be used at all ranges but is best utilized when ranges of shots exceed 200 yards. While Varget is certainly close to the top of the list for this combo, I recently found a powder that might be better with the 65gr Sierra. This website uses cookies to ensure the best experience possible. Home built AR with Noveske 1/7 twist barrel. Shooters using any rifle in the entire range of 6mm cartridges will find this to be an excellent bullet. A stiff dose of Benchmark works well in mine with the 65 SGKs. Three rounds fired at 200 yds. This bullet may be the correct choice for hunting large varmints as well as deer or antelope. 25.5 is pretty standard for 69s FWIW. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog. Minimum and Maximum load for Varget is for the 22 cal (.224 dia) Sierra 65gr SPBT GameKing #1395 (7"-10" twist barrel only). Excellent ammo from excellent folks. What hasnt changed has been our focus on bullets. Impressive! Please indicate your order # in the email or fax for quicker processing. ), Beretta / Glock / SIG / M&P / Revolver / XD / H&K, MAGAZINE, AR-15, 5.56 NATO, 20 ROUND, POLYMER | LANCER L5 AWM. I love the 65gr. In rifles, this 100 grain #1560 Spitzer Boat Tail bullet with a heavy, double-tapered jacket ensures adequate penetration with reliable expansion on medium game. It does say that the 65 requires a 1-10 twist barrel. They just didn't seem to have the punch needed. Very accurate, very clean and very fun to shoot. AR15.COM is the world's largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Web22 cal (.224) Sierra 65gr SPBT GameKing #1395 (7"-10" twist barrel only) Powder: Varget (Hodgdon Powders) Charge: Minimum - 22.8, 2600 fps / Max Charge - 26.3, 3100 fps. In rifles, this 100 grain Spitzer bullet #1540 has a heavy, double-tapered jacket to ensure adequate penetration with reliable expansion on medium game. These I fired in a Colt 6920 carbine. In rifles chambering 22 caliber cartridges of moderate to large powder capacity, this famous bullet is perhaps the most efficient 22 caliber bullet available for varmints at long range or targets. Velocity was 2757 ft/sec. Its very clean ammo and packed to last. Just curious as to what you are achieving for muzzle velocities? Lubricate each case and place it into the case holder on the reloading press, then resize and remove the spent primer from each cartridge. This bullet is built with Sierra's high velocity design and is capable of extremely high accuracy. I have never loaded the V's so I have no first hand knowledge. We do not sell loaded ammo. SBT 62 Gr. Sedalia, MO 65301 I never measured the groups with a dial caliper but just looking them over the average should be 1" or maybe slightly less (had a couple of the groups 3/4" or less. 0.224 Bullets, Hunt, Rifle $ 28.33 Sold out .22 CALIBER 55 GR. Please enter your login details below. The 90 grain #1615 Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet was designed originally as a varmint bullet, but it has taken on an expanded role. RE-15 with 27.5 gr gives 2940 fps out of my 20" barrel. The 65 grain SGK is, IMHO, a great deer bullet in the .223. I just installed an air conditioner in my man cave yesterday so maybe now I can stand to be in there to load up some test loads. Over the years, much has changed in the industry and in the marketplace. In handguns, because of the velocity constraints caused by short barrels, the primary usefulness of a semi-point bullet design is in cases where the twist rate may not be adequate to produce the best accuracy with a spitzer bullet. have a ton of these, and the rifle will be a field/hunting set up. Please email a copy of your card to [emailprotected] or fax to 870-545-3310. Load data for 23 loads in caliber .223 Rem.

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