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He formerly served as the 6th Seat of the 11th Division under Kenpachi Zaraki. The two start to bicker with each other as Renji continues to run from him. Seeing that Ichigo does not understand him, he activates his Shikai and further injures Ichigo. After swearing that they will meet up again, they each go their separate ways. As they were quite gifted with spiritual powers, they entered the Shin' Academy with ease, where they struggled to prove their worth among those from noble families. When Renji compares an enraged Bazz-B to a chicken, Bazz-B compliments his eyebrows, causing a shocked Renji to sincerely compliment him as being a nice person. Momo asks him if he has seen Captain Aizen, which he denies. Szayelaporro stated this was a result of Renji's "brute force. What two combatants do . After Ury compares him to Ichigo, Renji remarks that it does not sound like praise when Ichigo's name is mentioned. Izuru interrupts them by asking about the recent disappearances in Rukongai. Renji Abarai is a Soul Reaper and one of the main characters of the Bleach franchise. Szayelaporro staggers into a trap laid by Ury[101] and is engulfed in an explosion. Having come to Soul Society alone, they helped each other to search for their families. He tells her that nobody thinks badly of her and that she can depend on him and Ichigo. [77] Rangiku informs Renji that she has received permission from Soul Society for them to remove their power limiters. [99] When Szayelaporro neutralizes Ury's bow, Renji blocks an attack aimed at him and asks the Quincy if he can find any way to counter Szayelaporro's abilities. He tells Renji that he is sorry for keeping him waiting as his Reiatsu begins to increase dramatically. [118], Following Aizen's defeat, Renji, Sado, Rukia, Ury, and Orihime go to Karakura Town and meet Ichigo, who is resting after recent battle. [57] Byakuya explains the nature of his Bankai and complements Renji on still being intact. [171] Gerard explains about the properties of miracles, and an annoyed Renji is surprised when Byakuya cuts the Quincy off by attacking him with Senbonzakura. 7 WEAKER: Momo Hinamori. [112], As Ichigo is surrounded by the Exequias outside the Fifth Tower, a healed Renji, along with Sado and Rukia, assists him and frees Ichigo. "[205] Later, after seventeen months of training following Aizen's defeat, Renji's raw strength allows him to nonchalantly block Jackie's strongest Fullbring-enhanced strike, which had enough force to unearth a large portion of the ground with the shockwave, with just the back of his wrist, and effortlessly knock her out with a simple blow to her stomach using the hilt of his sword. [4], Despite being of appropriate rank, Renji does not wear his Division's lieutenant badge. [47], Renji falls unconscious and is found by Izuru and a small group of Shinigami, who concentrate on saving him rather than chasing the Ryoka. [53] After Renji achieves Bankai, he asks Yoruichi if Ichigo really can do the same. When Bazz-B appears and offers to help them kill Ury upon hearing Rukia wondering why he betrayed them, Renji throws some rubble at him and declines before insulting his mohawk. Renji falls down into a large chamber, where he is greeted by Szayelaporro. Renji is stunned when Szayelaporro uses the doll to inflict injuries on Ury and tries to attack, but is also caught by Szayelaporro's wing. Urahara replies that Sado needs the power of a Bankai to grow stronger. She explains that while it may only appear to be relaxing, she has imbued them with powerful Reiatsu. [3], He wears a standard Shinigami shihakush, though he usually includes some sort of headgear, usually expensive glasses (that are all brought from Seireitei's popular Gin Tonbo store), or a white headband when he is saving up to purchase some new glasses due to each pair being broken in one way or another (as well as each one costing half a year's worth of one of his paychecks). Renji realizes that he is attempting to learn his Zanpakut's Bankai. Renji has just gotten through his divorce process papers with Rukia and is living in the human world in an apartment with Ichigo Kurosaki. However, Hihi Zabimaru reforms and Renji continues to attack him. [209][210] Even after such terrible damage, he makes a last ditch effort attack, almost piercing Byakuya with Zabimaru, and finally falls defeated. He requests permission to for the team to travel to Hueco Mundo to retrieve Orihime. He comments that Orihime's demeanor is not suited for battle and that now may have been the best time to tell her that. Ury shoots one of the Fraccin and comments that Renji looks worse for wear. Renji promptly releases his limiter[78] and explains to a stunned Yylfordt about how Shinigami captains and lieutenants normally have their powers limited to one fifth of normal while in the Human World. Yylfordt releases his Zanpakut and impales Ururu, stunning Renji. Renji then attacks her with the hilt of Zabimaru, which knocks her out, while telling her that he'd been training the past seventeen months to fight Aizen, and that her lot "just doesn't cut it". [126], After the explosion, Ikkaku, Zaraki, and Yachiru notice Renji coming out of some bushes as Ikkaku scolds Renji of his condition. Jackie comments that he is a good man before there is an explosion. [39], Yasochika Iemura announces to the gathering of the lieutenants the extent of the casualties inflicted by the Ryoka. Sanji vs Renji. The Bount have been defeated, and Ichigo is dead. this story takes place sometime after Aizen's imprisonment and before the new arc. [136] Shortly after Byakuya's Bankai is stolen, Renji begins to activate his Bankai, but Byakuya instructs him not to, saying that he must not lose his Bankai as well. [104] As they struggle to tell the quasi-clones apart from the originals, Renji dodges an attack from Dondochakka and rebukes him for it, only to be kicked by Pesche. However, Urahara tells both of them to stay and rest, insisting that he will go instead. [148] Realizing how Renji feels, he asks him why he didn't protest Nimaiya's decision before concluding that Renji grudgingly agrees with him. Willing to fight, kill, and die for whatever he believes in, Renji is a dangerous man to those who stand in his way, especially in regards to how close he is with his fellow childhood friend, Rukia Kuchiki. She launches a second attack, kicking at Renji, only for Renji to easily block her, the aftershock destroying a huge stone column. [204] Later, by spinning Zabimaru above his head, Renji creates enough force to generate a whirlwind, blowing all of Szayelaporro's Fraccin several yards away, despite their massive size. Renji Abarai vs. Kyoko Sakura is a What-If? Nimaiya reveals that he took Renji and Ichigo's Zanpakut without their knowing and smashes them. Inoue Orihime. Renji laughs this off and asks Ichigo the name of his Zanpakut. As the two begin to fight, Renji asks him how he intends to save Rukia, questioning how he can be so confident about being able to save her. [70] When Rukia kicks Ichigo and removes his spirit form from his body, Renji holds his body, commenting to Rangiku that Rukia can really foul things up. He's just trying to adapt to human world BS. When Momo rushed back towards Shhei, Renji and Izuru followed her and helped to block the second Hollow's attack on him. [95] Later, Renji senses Rukia releasing her Zanpakut and stops, only for the two of them to fall into traps set by Szayelaporro Granz. Zabimaru! [202], Enhanced Strength: Renji possesses great physical strength. Renji stays to tell Rukia that there was an unconfirmed report that five Ryoka invaded Soul Society and that one of them matched Ichigo's description. When Captain-Commander Yamamoto states that Orihime has most likely joined Aizen's side of her own free will, Renji stops Ichigo from protesting, saying that he will only make it worse. [211] He had enough confidence in his resiliency to use a full-power Had #31 on Szayelaporro at point-blank range, willingly taking damage as well,[212] and later withstood having several of his internal organs crushed by Szayelaporro's Teatro de Titere, forcing Szayelaporro to instead crush his tendons in order to bring him down while noting that Renji should have been rendered unconscious by this point. Lieutenant Renji Abarai stepped in and confronted s Ndt just as he was about to murder some Division 6 members. Renji and Ikkaku aren't just similar; they are friends. As the group run through the breach, Renji uses Kid to illuminate the area, but he is only able to produce a small light, prompting taunts from Ury, Rukia, and Ichigo. [155], Seeing Mask squeeze himself back together after the cut, Renji watches in disgust as new versions of James appear out of James' sliced-up body and cheer for the Sternritter. After Renji's Zanpakut broke and shattered, he bled profusely from his back and grabbed Byakuya's scarf, which was then covered in th e former's blood, before collapsing. When morning comes, Renji wakes up and says that he has stayed hidden long enough before setting out to find a new Quincy to fight. [199] This is proven when Renji overpowers Mask, a captain-level combatant who previously defeated Renji soundly,[200] with his Shikai alone during their second encounter. [149], Later, Renji is training with Rukia in Ichib Hysube's palace, in which both note that they have difficulty keeping their composure and moving. Grade 5 is the rank . Renji reveals that since the annihilation of the Central 46, the captains have taken over their responsibilities and that Captain-Commander Yamamoto was in charge of selecting the team. Ten years after Yhwach's defeat, Renji attends the promotion ceremony of Rukia as the new captain of the 13th Division, where he offers her a piggyback ride into the ceremony if she is unable to enter the room due to her nerves. Renji tells Ichigo that he will see if Kisuke Urahara will allow him to stay, revealing that he wanted to understand how Urahara had brought Ichigo to his current level in such a short time, and saying that he had other questions for the former captain. With Mask angry at him for breaking his arm, Renji activates Orochi and stabs Mask with S Zabimaru's new serrated blade. Shhei ordered the group to retreat while he stayed to fight the Hollow. Izuru explained to him that Hisagi was famous and a gifted student. Kirio returns, shocking them with her new slender and attractive appearance. [151], Renji and Rukia later head for Soul Society. For the manifested spirit see Zabimaru (Zanpakut spirit). Renji recognizes the name from Hitsugaya's report, and questions Sado's assertion that Yammy has grown in size. [150] During his training with Ichib, the Royal Guard member reveals that Zabimaru has only partly acknowledged Renji and has not shared the true name of its Bankai to him, leaving Renji surprised. Upon revealing that this invitation was extended by both Shunsui and Rukia, Renji is joined by the latter and explains to Ichigo that Urahara's involvement with the Shinigami Research and Development Institute after the war has led to the production of much more modern devices like televisions. Renji is a powerful Soul Reaper with an elongated shikai and bankai named Zabimaru. Limited Durability (Shikai): Renji's Shikai, while durable to an extent, can ultimately sustain serious damage the longer the fight drags on. [174], Renji and Rukia race through the rubble, when Gerard suddenly swipes at them. [17] Ikkaku taught Renji how to fight and Renji became aware that Ikkaku had a Bankai, and requested that he use it to train Renji. Renji Abarai ( ) Birthday: August 31 Zodiac: Virgo Gender: Male Race: Shinigami Height: 187.96 cm Weight: 78.17 kg Title: Lieutenant of 6th Division Zanpakuto: Zabimaru Bankai: Hihio Zabimaru Shikai Command: Roar! Renji is surprised to see Byakuya and Kenpachi Zaraki emerge from a Senkaimon behind them. [36], Later, Renji receives an order to put on his lieutenants armband and attend a meeting of the lieutenants. [143] Later, Renji is fully healed and deemed ready to move on with Ichigo by Kirinji. [180], Three hours before Ukitake's Kons Reisai, Renji starts a video call with Ichigo on a new Denreishinki from Soul Society to inform him about the ceremony taking place and invite him to take part in it due to his affiliation with Ukitake. He knows enough to be informed on their higher-level techniques. Shocked and angered at this revelation, Renji attacks Szayelaporro, slightly injuring him and demands that he move aside. [12] As Shhei called an end to their field trip, the group was attacked by a Huge Hollow, which killed Kanisawa and seriously wounded Aoga. [203] During the fight with Szayelaporro's unique Fraccin, Renji protects Ury from a direct punch from one of the stronger Arrancar, using both hands, before throwing him aside. Major Character Death; Rape/Non-Con; Abarai Renji/Original Female Character(s) Kuchiki Byakuya/Original Female Character(s) . Szayelaporro draws his sword and prepares to attack. Renji leaves, truly saddened and noting that it is not possible for her to escape and that she will be executed. [88] The following day, Renji and the others gather in Orihime's home where they learn of her disappearance from Captain Ukitake. He can be obtained via special summon one with a 0.5% chance. She recommends contacting the Fourth Division to have him healed, but Byakuya tells them not to bother, but to throw him into jail instead. [91] After breaking through the wall, Renji notices that there is wind coming through the hole. Ichigo voices his feelings of guilt for just relaxing and eating while the Soul Society is preparing for war. Jackie states that Yukio had been watching them and is now erasing the dimension they are in. [141], Senjumaru Shutara later brings Renji to the Royal Guard's Tenchren along with Rukia and Byakuya so that they can be taken to the Royal Palace. He follows up with S Zabimaru: Zaga Tepp, scorching Mask's body and bifurcating him, ultimately killing him. [153] When Mask attempts to use his Star Flash on a heavily wounded 3rd Division Captain Rjr toribashi, Renji blocks the beam with Zabimaru before introducing himself as a villain. As he and Renji exchange insults, Mask has James heal him with his cheers. Renji inquires what it is that he wants to talk about. Before becoming a lieutenant, he could fight on par with Ikkaku's Shikai and earn the rank of 6th Seat Officer in the 11th Division. [183], Master Swordsman: Originally trained by the 3rd Seat of the 11th Division Ikkaku Madarame,[18] Renji is highly skilled in various swordsmanship techniques. However, Rukia jumps on him and urges Ichigo to run away. The head is capable of inflicting heavy damage through biting. Vinsmoke Sanji vs Renji Abarai. [98], As Szayelaporro damages a tired Renji's Shikai, he grows bored of the fight and summons his Fraccin to fight in his place. disadvantages of notational analysis in sport, john deere hit and miss engine,

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