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Years of cramming toes into tight spaces may lead to a deformed foot structure and decades of pain.Softstars shoes already featured wider toe boxes than most conventional shoes on the market. Products for full grain or smooth leather will be too oily and may permanently darken and mat suede fibers. Use a suede brush to remove dirt. This does not cover wear and tear or misuse on behalf of the consumer. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment . Speaking of putting on the shoe, the opening of the Sawyer is a bit on the smaller side and requires quite a bit of unlacing before I can get my foot inside, Your experience will vary from mine, but I think that it could be made a bit wider for easier ingress, especially given the thin pulltab. This shoe is widest at the toes, rather than the ball of the foot, and is ideal for people who want to maintain/restore natural foot shape and function. Mink oil, specifically, will degrade the sole adhesion and can lead to separation of soling over timewe do not recommend the use of mink oil anywhere on our boots, as it can eventually seep down to the sole. Doing so may damage leather or rubber soles. However, while the Primal had some lines to mask the wideness of the shoe, the minimalist aesthetics of the Sawyer makes the toebox more apparent. We want you to get the most out of your Softstar shoes. If they become this wet, be very careful to avoid wearing them again until fully dry because the leather will be more susceptible to stretching and the fit may alter. Because we use natural food grade dyes in our leather, there will likely be some initial color transference to your socks or skin if your shoes become damp. But in fact, in 5+ years, no-one has ever commented on my minimalist shoes, other than one person who complimented me on them and aked where I got them. Ultralight: 6.7 oz (for size 8U; other sizes vary slightly in weight). These shoes are the perfect solution. Let the stuffing sit in the shoes overnight to stretch the leather. To me, it's a beautiful thing to let the toes move with absolute freedom in the shoe. My first pair of minimalist shoes: Softstar Dash RunAmoc. Enter your email to receive monthly Softstar newsletters which include our latest blog posts: Join thousands of happy customers who have learned how good Softstars feel on their feet! They are just lovely to have on the feet. I believe that the Sawyer strikes a good balance on most points and is only held back by its interior volume, and the on-and-off experience. Because of this shape, the interior height of the boot is a bit tight. ", "I spent SO MANY years searching for a shoe to fit my feet. Shoes with sheepskin can take 3-4 days to air dry if fully submerged in water, but you can speed up the drying by stuffing with old newspapers and replacing the paper twice a day. Products for full grain or smooth leather will be too oily and may permanently darken and mat suede fibers. There are some exceptions to this policy: shoes treated with leather care products, shoes purchased from our biannual clearance salesand specially designed made-to-measure shoes (shoes designed for children with special needs) are non-returnable. The toe box on these is very wide and most people should have all the room they need there. Made with our extra-wide toe box, this fun, lightweight shoe easily transitions from work to play, carrying you through your day in comfort and style. Lightweight and casual with our wide Primal toe box. Gallery From the Manufacturer New Shamma Lacing, new possibilities- TrailStars are designed to take on the toughest trails [], Overview A new Adventure performance laces for one of my favorite sandals! Each pair is unique! Megagrip soles are heavier than our other soles due to their extra thickness and density. BEMUTATKOZS. We will refund the full cost of the shoes, but customers are responsible for all return shipping charges. 5mm Vibram Omniflex Sole. 2mm Vibram Street Sole, available only when you customize this shoe. 6mm Vibram Megagrip Sole with 3.5mm midsole. I am sporting the Regular/Extra Wide version here. Its also completely flexible. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. .table.table-comparison tbody td { Learn more. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Return any brand new shoe for any reason for a full refund, even if you customize with your own special colors! Condition the leather as often as desired with any quality leather dressing, but be careful to keep it away from the edges of your rubber soles. Yes, we sell sheepskin insoles that fit our Primal shoes. It is better to go by your larger foot so your big toe especially can do all the movement it needs to do during your walking or running. Easy to clean. Leather inlays coming loose within 6 months. It will not have the best grip on wet surfaces or muddy hills, but you can certainly go for a nice dog walk in the woods or a trail hike with friends to watch the sunset and play board games. Men VELHO ORIGINAL $ 33. If you want one of our existing shoe styles made with your own unique color combinations and motifs, then YES! Featuring an ultra-light Pyramid sole, the Sawyer weighs just 6.7 ounces, taking the top spot as Softstars most lightweight casual shoe. Check out the reviews on our Primal shoes to see for yourself what our customers think! Learn more about our shipping options or return policy. Softstar Shoes are made from eco-friendly leathers tanned in the USA. Includes Sublime, Nova, Dublin, Highline, Shiny, LITE, Plonge, Aged, and Vegetable Tanned Leathers, Sheepskin Boots (a mix of full grain and suede), Vegan Shoes (including Quick Dry RunAmocs). Innovative sole shape with extra roomy toe box. Return any brand new shoe for any reason for a full refund, even if you customize with your own special colors! I choose happy feet, good craftsmanship, and total foot comfort. Softstar showed themselves as the best minimal shoe company on the market with these. Just as with the Primal RunAmoc athletic shoe that we released in 2018, the Sawyer has an innovative, eye-catching sole shape that works with, instead of against, your natural foot physiology. As mentioned earlier, the Sawyer has a very premium suede leather upper. Interior height is on the smaller side. All Softstar shoes are 100% designed and handcrafted at our workshop in Philomath, Oregon, USA. Quick View. Every Softstar shoe is designed and handcrafted at our workshop in Philomath, Oregon. question. This will decrease with use, but we don't recommend wearing your new Softstars with your favorite white socks the first time you take them for a spin. This also applies to shoes that you customized with your own unique colors and motifs. Our printable shoe size charts provide another way to help you find the best fit for your feet. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. At this time it is available for the following shoes: These are listed on the Primal category page. They produce well-thought-out looks and listen to customers. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This anatomically correct sole shape, modeled after the way our feet are meant to spread as we move, encourages wildly healthy toe splay, and the shoes flexible materials let feet move freely while building strength and balance. Searching for the ultimate minimalist shoe? While not recommended as a normal course of action, when in dire straits the Elves have been known to toss a pair of shoes in the machine and generally have had good resultsjust don't mix them with any other item because of color bleeding. Looking for smaller sizes? We add an additional 3.5mm midsole to shoes that use the Megagrip sole to provide an extra buffer from sharp rocks. The shoes in our clearance category include customized options priced without the custom design fee. I can bend it the other way too, but I didnt want to stretch the upper with that. For children, growing room is important, so a little extra space is recommended. If possible, have your kids wear their boots the first few times on dryer days to give them time to form to their feet. Most people will be okay ordering their usual Softstar shoe size, but if you are between two sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size. It is not necessary to apply a suede protectant or waterproofer to the cuffs, but doing so may help keep that portion of the boot looking clean. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Our leather hides are natural products and some variation in texture and markings is to be expected. Is this Primal shoe also wider in the heel? Primal models go all-in on happy toes, and the shape shows it. Click through to read my review of the Soft Star Read more . The fit of the Dash RunAmoc is usually true to one's normal Softstar size. Contact usif you have questions. We highly recommend Bee Natural Amore for general conditioning or Rain & Snow or Nikwax Full Grain Waterproofing on smooth leather for enhanced water resistance. This is part of our everyday fun to see what creations you design as we handcraft each pair for you here in our Oregon workshop. The color on shiny metallic shoes will eventually patina with use into an antique wear look, which can be accelerated with repeated use to water and high wear (e.g. My favorite method is measuring and they have great tips on that page, but do be sure to add extra space for good big toe movement. Flexible, breathable materials for the ultimate in free foot movement. Featuring an ultra-light Pyramid sole, the Sawyer weighs just 6.7 ounces, taking the top spot as Softstar's most lightweight casual shoe. When a suede brush is not enough, you can use a damp cloth or hand wash your suede shoes with a gentle shampoo and cool water, then let them air dry. When you are selecting colors for these shoes you will see a "Customize Your Colors" button below our collection color options. Repeat with your other foot. If your shoes are a little snug at first across the top of the toes, you can gently stretch them by stuffing the toe box with a slightly damp rag. ", "I am loving these shoes! Hi all, I'm quite new to the barefoot world, but aiming to transition! The Primal Sawyers and their sister Primal shoes are the only non-custom shoes that fit my feet. Softstar also has a Happy Feet Guarantee which outlines replacements/returns for workmanship, fit or durability concerns. You can find the Primal Sawyer under Adult Shoes > Casual models. NOTE: this sole can become very slippery on smooth, wet surfaces. Softstar Shoes was founded to produce minimal shoes out of leather that are simple and elegant in design, handcrafted, and customizable. This minimal footwear design is the perfect marriage of modern innovation with a pre-shoe-era mindset when our feet could wildly roam the Earth, unencumbered. It does take some willingness to let people deal with their own opinions and refuse to accept them as your own. September 9, 2022 6:02pm Fun New Colors this Fall at Softstar Custom Adult Phoenix Boots & New Sawyer Colors shooting in eldersburg, md today, is christa allen still engaged,

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